Jindal Global Industry

Visi Cooler

Redone glass entryways (pivoted type) Inside positive temperature Floor Insulation: Aluminum Checkered plate Digital temperature controller with advanced showcase Insulated edge edges structured with front oriented for simpler overhauling and upkeep from front of the entryway Energy proficient edge that lessens vitality to the edge by 30% with included protection bringing about a similar Double layer vacuumed treated glass for dampness and UV security Specific racking framework for explicit game plan of items No standard measurements. No standard framework. Our items are redone for the requirements of our client Magnetic entryway gasket for impermeable seal Provision for uncommon requests, for example, glass entryways, extraordinary floor, quiet consolidating unit, racking framework, and so forth. Accurate Corner board associations (No joint in corners)Custom configuration Long strong and immaculate development Sufficient space for simple usage Balanced refrigeration framework Best Product for Supermalls.

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