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Air Washer Unit


• Double Skin Air Washer are created out of Extruded Aluminum empty Profile with 25/43 mm thick Double Skin Panels mind CFC and HFC for PUF and thickness of 40Kg/cum

• Centrifugal fans utilized by are of DIDW Forward/Backward bended Or Aerofoil AMCA Certified for the most part of NICOTRA or KRUGER makes. All fans are statically and progressively adjusted

• Common base casing for Motor and Blower

• Single and Double Skinned Construction

• Galvanised Steel edges of unrivaled quality is utilized for development of these units, with least thickness scope of 1.2 millimeter

• Multi slant S.S-304, Aluminum or G.I. channel dish guarantees legitimate waste of condensate

• Induction engine with TEFC Squirrel confine for 50/60 cycle, 415 10% volts with AC supply in 3 stage or 1 stage

• Motor make: SIEMENS/ABB/KIRLOSKAR or some other western cause engine

• Microvee channel alongside essential channels are offered alongside these items

• Cellulose cushion/Spray type (single bank/twofold bank) humidification frameworks are fabricated by us

• Evaporative cooling cushions make: HUTEK (THAILAND) or Munters (USA) and furthermore can be given according to particular of a customer

• Spray type humidification frameworks are created out of G.I/M.S. Header and Brass/PVC Nozzle

• Perforated sheet is additionally given in splash type humidification frameworks to guarantee legitimate conveyance of air thoroughly considered the humidification chamber

• We utilize 4 twist PVC/G.I Eliminators to guarantee that no water is diverted to Blower area and further to conduit framework

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